collection no. 2
"The Essence Within: An Artistic Exploration of Individuality"
Through these series of images, we weave an intricate narrative exploring the essence of individuality. This project delves deeply, transcending mere visages. It's about refraction, distortion, life's projection onto our soul and mind—a profound exploration of the self and its multifaceted layers.

*** We want you to be sure that these are AI free images. All the props were made by the stylist Serge Lion & the creative studio light witch was set up by Natasha Volk.

Layers Unveiled
A Journey into the Soul's Mosaic

It is the signs of non-standard beauty that provide an opportunity to express your individuality and uniqueness. When we adhere to beauty standards, we limit our opportunities and ability to express ourselves. Non-standard beauty allows us to show our individuality and stand out from the crowd.

When we see something unusual or unique, our brain remembers it much better and faster.

Our individuality and uniqueness are the source of our beauty, and we should not copy anyone else's distorted perception of beauty.

Water memory
Everything you can see is reflected in the mirror surface of the water. Just touch this peace and everything will dissolve, disperse in circles, crumble into hundreds of fragments. Water will absorb this neural network and drag it deep to the bottom. In dark and calm, in coolness. Somewhere out there, in that healing peace, all the fragments will gather again into a single whole and return to the surface healed. And water will calm down, level off and again reflect a perfect picture on its surface. Water will remember.
Hues of identity
Mirrored Reflections of Freedom
The angle of the incident beam is equal to the angle of the refraction beam. It is not so much a law of physics as of life in general. More familiar and understandable to us may be "what you sow, so you reap." The mind, like the universe, is full of billions of connections. It distinguishes between good and evil, bad and good, love and hate.
These same antipodes


An anniversary compilation of the brightest collaborations in between the creative duo, photographer Natasha Volk and visual artist Serge Lion. Many years of friendship and common creative flow are immortalized in images that are completely ready for purchase in printed form in the desired format.

Natasha VOLK - Ukrainian photographer based in Frankfurt am Main.
Winner of the leading industry contests: International Photography Awards, Fine Art Photography Awards, EUROPEAN FASHION DISTINCTION AWORD; London International Creative Competition. Serge LION - Visual Artist, fashion & beauty expert. Experienced in many ways, he has combined several professions as a multitask artist : stylist, hair&make-up artist.
Natasha VOLK
Serge LION

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