The "Faces of Empowerment" installation is a powerful and visually stunning representation of solidarity and support for women.

The "Faces of Empowerment" installation is a powerful and visually stunning representation of solidarity and support for women.

Emphasizing the idea that every woman's story is unique yet collectively contributes to a shared narrative. The faceless aspect of the installation emphasizes inclusivity, allowing visitors to project their own experiences onto the representation of women. This intentional ambiguity encourages a universal connection.
Many thanks to "Infrau" Team for their support and help in organizing the shooting.

The administrative team and students of an intercultural counseling and educational center for women
"INFRAU" took part in the project
Natasha Volk
Visual projects, such as photographs, videos, and installations, with a social message, play a significant role in shaping public opinion and influencing the perception of various issues. It is important to note that women supporting other women in these visual projects play a crucial role. Not only does it create a supportive community for those facing difficult situations, but it also demonstrates solidarity and the strength of female unity.

Due to the war in Ukraine, I was forced to relocate to Germany with my two daughters, whom I am raising alone. By profession, I am a visual artist and photographer. In Ukraine, I had my own Photo studio complex , a Photographers' club, and a "Modern Photo School" photography. Unfortunately, because of well-known the terrible events in Ukraine I lost everything and I am starting over my professional life in Frankfurt am Main. Suddenly finding myself as a refugee, I keenly felt the support of German society, which reached me out and provided incredible assistance to me. In the integration center "Infrau," a strong female community has been established, where I met many women from different countries and with various experiences behind them. The amazing stories inspired me to create this project where women show incredible strength and go through all trials with dignity,. Through the lens of my camera, I showcase women whom I see as particularly beautiful through their incredible inner strength.
My dedication to art and my passion has allowed me to focus on creation, and I have begun working on important social and art projects. This is how I envision my realization, expressing gratitude for the support I have received and how I can contribute to German society by highlighting importants social issues through visual art.
DO GOOD Pop-up Store
Women for Women
"The video project installation will take place at "Wertheim Village" as part of the large charity event 'Do Good' . Woman for Woman International."
The primary concept is to utilize white curtains as a canvas symbolizing purity and the facelessness that transcends individual identities. The projection of diverse women's faces onto these curtains aims to bring attention to the collective strength.
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