Nowadays we live in the world in which even analog arts are becoming digital. And we can contemplate them from the screens and monitors of our gadgets. It is the RGB color model that becomes our guide to the world of aesthetics and art. Therefore, for us, these are not just 3 colors for displaying images on screens. This is Ray of Glowing Brightness - a way of our communication, a bridge that connects all creators of beauty with their viewer.

Creative direction & Photo: Natasha Volk
Style, MUAH: Serge Lion
Anagram is still a relevant method of delivering a message to its reader. A short encrypted message that makes more sense than a huge letter. And it does not matter at all how exactly the message is written, or how many symbols are involved. Only the main idea is important, which will find the feedback in the mind of the recipient. Over the years, we have been learning to express our thoughts competently. Compromising, shuffling the terms, looking for the correct value. And then we learn even more in order to convey these thoughts without offending anyone and without touching the subtle matters of the soul. Ciphers, puzzles, manipulations, speech turns, literary techniques, new ethics ... these are just tools for the author's illegible scrabble, which only helps to share an idea.

Creative direction & Photo: Natasha Volk
Style, MUAH: Serge Lion
Dorian Gray
Vanity And Animus Of Dorian Gray
Art direction & Photo: Natasha Volk
Style, Hair style, Makeup: Serge Lion
Retouched by: PRO-POST AGENCY

Paper: 40x60 400 eur
Vagabond 40x60: 650 eur.
Printing is available in any size according to your request.

An anniversary compilation of the brightest collaborations in between the creative duo, photographer Natasha Volk and visual artist Serge Lion. Many years of friendship and common creative flow are immortalized in images that are completely ready for purchase in printed form in the desired format.

Natasha VOLK - Ukrainian photographer based in Frankfurt am Main.
Winner of the leading industry contests: International Photography Awards, Fine Art Photography Awards, EUROPEAN FASHION DISTINCTION AWORD; London International Creative Competition. Serge LION - Visual Artist, fashion & beauty expert. Experienced in many ways, he has combined several professions as a multitask artist : stylist, hair&make-up artist.
Natasha VOLK
Serge LION
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