I want to present you my project:
which is dedicated to the latest events in our country - Ukraine and reflects on the personal history of my family.
My daughters have grown extremely fast and become 100 years older in an instant!

2022 kids discuss: severed limbs of familiar and complete strangers; rape; death.
Chat with classmates about how someone's dad went to the war and never came back. Such dialogues turned into ordinary daily routine of many Ukrainian children, who saw, heard and realized with their own eyes „what war is".
This shooting was created with the support of my friend visual artist Serge Levchenko, who helped us hide from the war and gave us shelter in Frankfurt. We made this shooting a few days after our arrival to Germany, right at home without any special equipment. Hugest mental pain and the inability not to express and capture the changes in the eyes of my children that I mentioned, just left us no chance… & we implement this project.

Art direction & Photographer: Natasha Volk
Style, Hair & Make-up Stylist: Serge Levchenko
Model: Svetlana Volkova, Olha Volkova,
Retouched by: PRO-POST

Natasha VOLK - Certified European photographer & art director based in Kyiv (Ukraine)
Founder: Modern Photo School & Retouching
agency - PRO-POST.
As a photographer for the last 12 years I was representing Ukraine at international venues. Winner of the leading industry contests: International Photography Awards, Fine Art Photography Awards, EUROPEAN FASHION DISTINCTION AWORD; London International Creative Competition.
Since the war began, I was forced to leave Kyiv with my two daughters. At the moment I'm
in Frankfurt am Main.

Natasha VOLK
Serge LEVCHENKO - Visual Artist, fashion & beauty expert. Experienced in many ways I have combined several professions. Nowadays I'm working as a multitask artist : stylist, hair&make-up artist, photographer.
Contact us:
+4915161976377 (Serge Levchenko)
+4917686583156 (Natasha Volk)

Frankfurt am Main