Professional photography, art-director.
Hi, my name is Natasha Volk. For the last 12 years, I was working in Kyiv. I'm a member of the Association of Professional Photographers of Ukraine, Certified European Photographer, I have professional PROFOTO accreditation. Expertise: Art, Fashion&Beauty, Сreative product\still life photography, including jewelry. I am an expert & couch on complex studio lighting techniques. As a photographer for the last 12 years I was representing Ukraine at international venues. Winner of the leading industry contests: International Photography Awards, Fine Art Photography Awards, EUROPEAN FASHION DISTINCTION AWORD; London International Creative Competition.

Founder: Modern Photo School & Retouching agency - PRO-POST. I was working for Brends: Faberge, Cartier, YSL beauty, LV, Dior Beauty, Tom Ford beauty, ParfumeBuro, Apriori, PariMatch, Publications in acclaimed international magazines, such as Vogue, Elle, Esquire, Forbes, Schön and many others.

social project
Nothing in this world can't ever compensate a stolen and destroyed childhood,
despite all the hardiest efforts of parents.

My daughters have grown extremely fast and become 100 years older in an instant!
Look at the photo of the sisters, taken shortly before the military invasion of Ukraine -
these are completely different faces. Memories cannot be killed!

2022 kids discuss: severed limbs of familiar and complete strangers; rape; death. Chat with classmates about how someone's dad went to the war and never came back. Such dialogues turned into ordinary daily routine of many Ukrainian children, who saw, heard and realized with their own eyes „what war is".
social project